Southampton Samurai BJC Competition 12th April 2015

Well done to all the little Samurais that went to the Competition on Sunday.

You all fought bravely achieving some great results also Emily Barnett won a trophy for throw of the day.


  • Rhys Gregory   (Summit)
  • Isabel Barnett   (Summit)


  • Louie Monk  (Summit)
  • Stan Doyle (Summit Tadley)
  • Danny Woodage (Summit Whitchurch)
  • Vasco Araujo (Summit Four Lanes)
  • Herbie Hamilton (Summit)
  • Libby Machin (AWE)


  • Matthew Davies (Summit Compton)
  • Mackenzie Van Laun (Summit Ditcham Park)
  • Emily Barnett (Summit)
  • Harry Westbrook (Summit)

Runners Up


  • Alexander Cromarty (Summit Whitchurch)
  •  Ella Pickett (Summit Ditcham Park)
  • Charlie Westbrook (Summit)
  • Reuben Hamilton (Summit)
  • Ben Perkins (Summit Priory)
  • Leon Piper (Summit Whitchurch)