Festival of Sport

Group Shot

2012 is the 20th year of the festival of sport between the twin towns of Basingstoke and Germanys Euskirchen organised by the Basingstoke Sports council of which Summit Judo Club is a member.

It consists of a mixture of sports events held by clubs and/or schools from each town. Scores are kept form each event to determine a winner of the Festival Trophy.

Over the years many friendships have been made and in most cases kept with players going back and forth to each others countries each year. During the hosted weekend the visitors will be taken on various activities chosen by the host family’s to make the weekend very enjoyable for all Juniors and Adults alike. Previous events have included :

  • Tobogganing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fishing
  • Theme Park – Phantasialand
  • Swimming
  • Bowling & many more
  • 2012’s festival is being hosted in Euskirchen with English players leaving Basingstoke on Wednesday 27th June returning Sunday 1st July.

    Anybody wishing to go to Germany should be minimum 10 years old at the time of travel and have a valid passport. Players that hosted the previous year will have priority and the places are limited.

    Sorry no more applications as 2012 is now Booked up.

    If interested please email info@summitjudoclub.org.uk  .

    Keep up to date with the Basingstoke Sports council here

    Itinery – TBC

    Wednesday 27th June

    • Evening – Leave Basingstoke by Coach
    • Ferry to Calais and sleep

    Thursday 28th June

    • Breakfast – Eat then meet the Burgermeister of Euskirchen
    • Daytime – Phantasialand
    • Evening – meet the Host Families

    Friday 29th June

    • TBC

    Saturday 30th June

    • TBC

    Sunday 1st July

    • Morning- Leave Euskirchen
    • Midday – Brussels visit
    • Evening – Return to Basingstoke

      To be confirmed

      The Event

      Euskirchen ESV Judo club will host the Judo event that consists of players from Summit J.C.and clubs from the Basingstoke area.

      A team of 7 players will be chosen from those that attend from Basingstoke and Euskirchen to have a fight each. The team that wins the most fights win the contest and the result will be added to the overall results of the Sports Festival that will be read out on the presentation evening to see who takes the Trophy home.


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