Competition Training Day Times 7 March 2015

Sorry it’s later than predicted as 6 people had to be chased for weights. Please remember Judo is grouped by weight so knowing your child’s weight in KG’s is a must.
There will be 2 sessions
AM = 9am.

Name School Group AM/PM
Adam Lee Summit 3M AM
Beatrice Harrall SSJ 3F PM
Beatrice Kent Compton 4F PM
Cameron Pearce Tadley 3M AM
Charlie Westbrook Summit 2M PM
Chaz Monk Summit 6M PM
Daisy Pattinson Ditcham Park 4F PM
Daniel Cooke Brighton Hill 5M AM
Daniel Mills Brighton Hill 7M AM
Daniel Woodage Whitchurch 4M AM
Elizabeth Kronfeld SSJ 3F PM
Elliot Thomas Summit 5M AM
Emily Barnett Summit 1F PM
Evan Roberts Tadley 4M AM
Faye Beedham Burnham 5F AM
Freddie Patterson Burnham 2M PM
Hannah Costa Whitchurch 3F PM
Harry Westbrook Summit 6M PM
Herbie Hamilton Summit 4M AM
Imogen Tonon SSJ 4F PM
Isobel Barnett Summit 3F PM
James Weeks Compton 2M PM
Joshua Tatam AWE 7M AM
Katie Mills Brighton Hill 5F AM
Lailah Massey Compton 2F AM
Leon Piper Whitchurch 3M AM
Lewis Vatcher Burnham 5M AM
Lia Franks Four Lanes 2F AM
Louie Monk Summit 1M PM
Lucy Warburton Summit 4F PM
Luke Davies Whitchurch 2M PM
Mariella Chedgey Priory 1F PM
Matthew Davies Compton 1M PM
Megan Lee SSJ 2F AM
Michael Kronfeld SSJ 6M PM
Nicholas Stephens Brighton Hill 7M AM
Nile Maskell Summit 8M PM
Pakritee Gurling Brighton Hill 5F AM
Penny Gatmell Compton 2F AM
Reuben Hamilton Summit 3M AM
Robert Davies Compton 8M PM
Robin Rattray Summit 4M AM
Rupert Givan Burnham 6M PM
Sampson Beedham Burnham 4M AM
Sid Massey Compton 5M AM
Sophie Reynolds Brighton Hill 3F PM
Stanley Doyle Tadley 2M PM
Stephen Daykin Summit 8M PM
Susie Davies Compton 1F PM
Toby Harrall SSJ 1M PM
Vicky Worsnop Brighton Hill 5F AM
Wesley Hearne Tadley 7M AM
William Kent Compton 1M PM

I Look forward to seeing you all Saturday.